Carnivals by Tag

Below are a list of tags on NY Carnivals along with a short description on what that particular tag features. Simply choose one to see fairs with that particular item!

» Pay one Price Ride Specials
Events that have an option to buy a wristband or handstamp that allows unlimited rides for the day.
» Free Admission
Events that are confirmed to have no admission fee.
» Fireworks
Events that feature one or more fireworks displays.
» Live Music
Events that feature music performances. This can include bands, DJs, or separate admission concerts.
» Entertainment
Events that have midway entertainment such as circuses, demo derbies, magic shows, car shows, and more.
» Agricultural Fair
Events that feature farming related exhibits and contests, 4H activities, vegetable and livestock shows, etc.
» Pay one Price Admission
Events that include rides for free with paid admission.